About Well + Away


Traditional guidebooks are handy for learning about museums and city landmarks. But would you ever reach for one to explore a new city like a local?

We had this challenge, and for years traveled with bookmarked pdfs and digital lists from friends, but the research that went into curating the perfect itinerary that balanced cool hidden gems with healthy destinations. But compiling all of this info took almost as long as the trip itself! So together with a small team of travelers, designers and wellness junkies, I've created Well + Away to offer the guidebook of the future: one that will show you a new city from the point of view of a hip-healthy local.

Meet Margaux

As a NASM-certified personal trainer, fitness contributor to outlets such as Refinery 29, Robb Report, 7x7 and San Francisco Chronicle and former publicist in the luxury hospitality industry, I've lived and breathed wellness and travel since basically forever.

After a lifetime of hitting the road with a suitcase full of raw almonds and packets of green powder, I realized I wasn't the only one trying to find local hotspots for healthy living. So now we're here to share with you the best, most up-to-date info on how to feel your very best no matter where you are.

xo, Margaux