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The Best Fitness Apps for Home and Travel, Tried and Tested

Credit: Cody App

Credit: Cody App

For the price of one boutique fitness class (often less), you can now get access to nearly a bazillion expert-led workouts via app and web.  I just recently became a believer after researching what felt like allll the fitness apps under the sun as a contributor to 7x7's 2017 Wellness Guide. Weeks after turning in my story, I found myself returning to a few app-based ways to sweat and realized they were really helping with a 2017 personal goal of workout consistency and creativity. 

As someone who is regularly trying new workouts in new places (and who generally just craves variety when it comes to fitness), finding consistency among the trend-chasing has been a challenge. The following five digital fitness platforms are my new at-home and on-the-road go-tos, helping me not only with consistency but also to push myself further on solo workouts. 


The only app with no visuals, Aaptiv also happens to be the most natural to use. Audio-based and covering three main categories: run (tread + outdoors), strength and yoga; Aaptiv covers the bases for a general workout regimen from beginner to pro. Propping up a phone or tablet at either a home or public gym can be awkward for me, and I've found that Aaptiv's audio instruction model played over a motivating background soundtrack is simpler and allows more focus for the workout at-hand. Class difficulty is color-coded, and the instructors vary in style from pretty chill to all-business. To download, use code WellandAway for a month free.


Handy at home for last minute workouts, Zenrez is an amazing tool for finding day-of boutique fitness and yoga, especially when traveling, and at a nice discount. When there’s not enough time pre-trip to research all of the local fitness studios, Zenrez is an easy way to browse and book into classes nearby. Starting at 9pm on workout-eve, the Zenrez system populates with available classes to book the next day at discounts of up to around 30%. It's also a fun way to explore new studios at home.


I am always curious to know more about the workout routines behind the physiques of Instagram's most followed fitness personalities. While I think we all know that genetics (and sometimes a medical tweak or two) can play a part as much as diet and exercise, it’s impossible not to wonder, for instance, ‘What would happen to my ass if I tried Jen Selter’s personal workout program for 30 days?' Fitplan provides the tools to find out just that with 30-90 day programs for Full Body Blast, Summer Shred and of course Jen Selter’s Lower Body and Booty Guide. Each plan is a subscription that you commit to for a specified duration, and daily workouts are broken down into reps and sets with a short demo video showing each move. Use code WELLANDAWAY30 for a month free.

Cody App

I have recently become addicted to Cody App. I started with Kino McGregor’s Ashtanga bundle, then moved into her handstand bundle, then into a little Acroyoga series binge one weekend when my fiancé obliged, and then into Ashley Galvin’s flexibility series - my new favorite. Cody has been around for four years, but somehow it’s new to me. And it's forever changed my at-home and hotel room workout routines. It’s great for traveling to places that don’t have the exact style of yoga or fitness classes you’re looking for, so instead of spending $20+ on a class, you can spend the same on a series of classes with people like Kino. Classes remain in your account forever, as Cody is not subscription-based and more of an iTunes model for purchasing individual classes (or a bundle of classes). New users can enter code WELLANDAWAY for 30% off of their first purchase.


The platform behind the majority of your boutique fitness (and yoga and wellness) class bookings, MindBody, has a surprisingly handy app for booking and discovering new classes. Notifications also share news of nearby studios that might be of interest. And unlike any other booking app, you can manage nearly all of your class reservations through their platform rather than toggling between a handful of studios


Have you tried any of these apps? What did you think?? Let us know in the comments below. 

14 Travel Beauty Musts To Look Great When You Land

Don’t board your next flight without these 10 travel beauty essentials

Once you've covered the basics of flying healthfully (no booze, plenty of water, move around at least a couple of times), how do you ensure that you look as great as those good habits should make you feel? Step up your in-air beauty game with our rundown of the 10 things you should never board a plane without:

1. Rodin Olio Lusso

The ultimate natural-luxe face oil, for packing on over a moisturizer while chugging water to stay hydrated. $170

2. Colgate Optic White Wisps

These little wisps take up next to no room in your carry-on and are a godsend if you're not able to hit up a hotel room for a post-flight refresh before dashing off to meetings or to explore a city. Starting at $2

3. Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

Oribe's supershine moisturizing cream is the business. Once you've given your roots a sprucing up with some dry shampoo run half of a dime-sized amount through your ends for some jet set sheen. $19.50

4.  Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder

Mini dry shampoo from Bumble and Bumble can perk up limp locks. Snag a travel-size bottle from your local Sephora before hitting the road. $12

5. Hurraw Lip Balm

Hurraw's organic, vegan lip balms are packed with natural moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil and come in a variety of dessert-y scents including Chai Spice and a Blue Chamomile Vanilla for nighttime (and flight-time). Starting at $4.

6. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Sure, it says it's a hand cream, but it's mega-moisturizing capabilities are great for your entire bod when stepping off of a long haul flight. $27

7. Origins Drink Up Intensive

This serious overnight mask is a perfect in-flight, non-masky face mask. Let it sink in and don't worry about removing it. $17

8. The Venus Snap with Embrace

A teeny weeny razor that fits into it's own little compact that's perfect for easy stashing and keeping the blade protected from the rest of your carry-on kit. Starting at $9.99

9. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

Refreshing and delicious-smelling, this little balancing spritzer keeps your face hydrated and 23B a little more zen. $24

10. Savvy Travelers Jet Set Kit

This compact in-flight kit contains mini little wipes to sanitize and clean up everything you need. The Jet Set kit includes wipes for screens and lenses, facial cleansing, mouth cleansing and anti-perspirant. $25

11. Reviv Serum TelomErase Serum

This insanely potent serum is a six-in-one powerhouse combats cellular aging every which way. It moisturizes, tightens, blurs and regenerates with high tech ingredients for skin that looks alive and refreshed. $149

12. Kjaer Weis Above and Beyond Blush

Kjaer Weis's Italian made, organic blushes like the just released Above and Beyond shade are super easy to sweep onto cheeks or lips with a finger, feel totally luxurious and help you look 10x more awake than you feel. $56

13. Born This Way Foundation

Too Faced's new Born This Way is a cruelty-free, coconut water and Alpine Rose infused foundation that does exactly what you need it to do upon landing: hydrate and brighten while evening out skin tone. Apply all over or just dab under eyes and over red spots for a quick fix. $20

14. Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara

A few sweeps over each eye of this coconut oil and vitamin B enriched mascara and you're looking alive. $14.


From Jetlagged to Red Carpet Ready in 60

Lie flat seats and liters of water can help offset some of the effects of jetlag, but even these cushy perks don’t guarantee that trans-con doesn’t screw with your body clock or sap your skin. Upon touching down on any trip, feeling energized and looking alive can take daysss. Lucky for us, we’ve discovered Los Angeles’ beautiful people go-to for looking and feeling paparazzi-ready in just 60 minutes: Leaf MD’s signature Vitamin IV Facial.  

The Hack: IV Vita-Infusion facial at Leaf MD, Beverly Hills


The skincare and medical teams at Leaf MD developed the combo Vitamin IV and facial treatment to help busy execs, celebs and travelers look and feel their best in just 60 minutes. The vitamin IV is a tailored Meyers Cocktail combining vitamin C, B-complex and boosters such as calcium, magnesium and glutathione; the facial is customized based on skin type and often includes microdermabrasion, facial massage, extractions if necessary, serums, a customized mask and cryotherapy.


Upon checking in at the buzzy but discreet office, resident RN Joy Edwards administers the nutrient IV drip, while in-house para-medical aesthetician Maya Zeineddine preps your skin. Once you’re hooked up and those anti-jetlag nutrients are direct lining (you’ll know when you taste the B vitamins), Joy will leave you to your facial and check in every 10 minutes or so to make sure all is okay. The nutrient IV drips for about 45 minutes, but you forget it’s there after the first five or so minutes and just relax and let Maya do her magic.


I tried this facial after returning from a long haul in economy. In-flight I tried my best version of Lisa Eldridge’s brilliant plane beauty routine, but stepping off the plane my skin barely looked alive and my energy reserves were I think down to fumes. The treatment itself was really relaxing, and afterward I felt a little sleepy from the magnesium, and still super relaxed from the skin treatment. I did not feel ready to run a marathon at all, but my skin felt so soft and looked plumper than it had in a long time. After a casual dinner with a friend and an early night in, I woke up the next morning feeling like a new woman: extra energized and body and face both felt hydrated and majorly glow-y. Hydration, check. Energy, check. And bonus: you would never have been able to tell my face has spent 12+ hours in Economy.


The buzzy Beverly Hills office is discreetly located at 436 North Bedford Avenue, #104, naturally tucked away along Beverly Hills’ posh cosmetic dermatology row and just behind brow guru Anastasia Beverly Hills. It’s just under 13 miles from LAX, which means about 30-48 minutes, depending on traffic. Also, walking distance from nearly any Beverly Hills Hotel. How much? $295


New York

Dr Virginia Wade offers a IV Vitamin Fusion and Oxygen Therapy
How much? $300

We’ll keep an eye out for other cities!


The World’s Healthiest Cocktail


Myers’ Cocktails are not just a handy solution for too many vodka sodas in Vegas, though they can be an awesome way to kick a hangover. John Myers developed his namesake cocktail in Baltimore to help treat chronic health issues by intravenously administering megadoses of nutrients. Devotees claim benefits like hydration, energy and supercharged immunity, which to us sounds like a perfect antidote for travelers looking to shake the jetlag haze.

We sought out San Francisco Myers’ Cocktail expert Dr. Carl Hangee-Bauer of San Francisco Natural Medicine, a naturopath working in SF for over 20 years, to fill us in and let us take one for a spin.

How it Works

The whole process takes around an hour. Depending on the amount of fluid being administered and the body’s absorption speed, you could be sitting with your IV and dripping anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. It would be easy forget your veins are being pumped with nutrient goo if not for the slightly sleepy feeling the magnesium can cause, and more strangely being able to literally taste the drip contents once they hit your bloodstream - it’s the B vitamins, and they taste sort of metallic.

What’s in the bag

The Myer’s Cocktail has no one size fits all recipe. The balance of vitamins is dependent on the patient receiving the drip, but it generally includes some mix of Vitamin C, glutathione, magnesium, B complex and a handful of supplemental nutrients. The ratios of these and other nutrients are customized based on the patient receiving the drip.

Many naturopathic doctors, including Hangee-Bauer, can offer a totally tailored Myers’ Cocktail for regular patients, and for visitors traveling through SF a travel-specific mini-Myers’ that would include a blend of nutrients for immune support, fatigue and balancing energy levels.

How does it feel?

Awesome. After the mini-Myers I tried (which dripped for about 30 minutes), I felt a little sleepy for the first hour. Then fine. The next day I felt amazing - lots of energy, powered through workout and felt that I had a particularly easy time getting to bed. I traveled the next day and though it was just a short trip I felt pretty energized. I would totally do it again, especially before departing on a long haul trip, or the day after returning from one.