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The 9 Best Mother's Day Gifts for Health-Conscious Moms

Buying your mom a special something on mother’s day should be simple enough, especially since you’ve known the woman nine months longer than even your dad. So you should understand her and her gifting preferences pretty well. But no matter how many birthdays and mothers days go by, getting her something that will tick all the boxes of being something she wouldn’t buy herself, something she will actually use and not break the bank is not as easy as it might sound. So, the following is a list of health-inspired treats that she likely wouldn't buy for herself.


For the mom who wouldn’t splurge on herself: A weekend away at Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, or at least a spa treatment with resident wellness expert.

Why? There is nothing better than being pampered by the best in one of LA's most oasis-like five-star hotels. The visiting practitioners are leaders in their respective fields and are invited to the property from all over the world.  Regular experts in residence include the London-based Reiki master Shaylini and naturopathic doctor Dr. Nigma Talib.


For the mom who is diving into healthy cooking: The just-released Wicked Healthy vegan cookbook by Chad Sarno, Derek Sarno and David Joachim.

Why? For moms who are working to ditch the meat or up their plant-based cooking without going full kale salad, this new tome is filled with stunning imagery and ideas for how to serve the gorgeous food on display.


For the marathoner mom: New Speed Up sports bra by lululemon.

Why? Made of four-way stretch and sweat-wicking Luxtreme fabric, this new release from lululemon is a major gear treat with some of the highest support available. It works just as well for moms who clock miles before dawn to those who prefer a more casual morning walk.

tot-taryn toomey-gift box smaller.jpg

For the coiffed mom: A 10-free mani pedi at organic-luxe salons like tenoverten and Sundays.

Why? She may have her regular corner shop for a weekly manicure and pedicure, but tenoverten's spa-like digs and chic, chemical-free polishes should be an appreciated upgrade.


For the mom who says she’s too busy for self-care: An at-home massage by Zeel or a local practitioner.

Why? A spa day is a lovely indulgence, but having the spa come to you is next level. Bonus points for including an at-home spa gift card in a spa care package with other goodies like a soothing candle and a creamy moisturizer.


For the mom who digs a good soak: CBD bath bombs.

Why? Is there a mom out there who doesn’t deserve a solid hour tub soak with 35 grams of muscle-soothing CBD? 


For the mom who needs some more shut-eye: A beautiful ceramic diffuser and essential oil kit from Canada’s Saje Natural Wellness.

Why? Because who couldn't use an extra dose of spa vibes in the bedroom? Also, Saje's signature Liquid Sunshine essential oil is a sure way to start the day on a sunny note.


For the mom who’s still using Pond’s Cold Cream: The new 'it' face oil, squalene, like this cruelty-free version by Mirai Clinical.

Why? Squalene has been said to be one of the most easily absorbed face oils, and this sugarcane-based version out of Japan is the next big thing in skincare. 


Gift: For the practical mom. Bombas socks.

Why? Even though they are all kinds of practical, this Mother's Day 8-pack is secretly luxe. Who buys eight pairs of premium athletic socks at a time, outside of Costco? The hoardes of Bombas fans who swear by the brand's Honeycomb Arch Support System and extra plush footbed, that's who.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for your Healthy Boo


You want to know how to mix it up this Valentine’s Day and you only have, like, 24 hours to get a gift that kills? No prob. Ditch the flowers (is it just me, or is it a bummer to receive a $100 arrangement and have to then cram it into the compost not even a week later) and embrace gifting outside of the Hallmark holiday box. The following are our favorite, sexed up gifts to give your boo TOMORROW.

Soooo get reading and prepare to hit ‘one day shipping’ on Amazon ASAP. Valentine’s Day gifting solved below.


Sexy Cannabis treasures

For us, somehow no-booze January has rolled into barely drinking February. Which means Wine Wednesday has become cannabis treat Wednesday (hmmm not the same ring to it), and that we are now totally buzzed-treat experts. Spice up your Wednesday, Feb 14 with our February faves, Dosist Arouse or Passion pens and Sensuali-Tea.


Last minute Vday Getaway

Grab your boo and hop in the car headed south/north/east/west for a night at a gorgeous resort for spa, sunsets with a horizon and all the room service. From Los Angeles, we’re thinking destinations like Terranea, El Encanto or my favorite wellness getaway in Northern California, 1440 Multiversity.



Your new favorite spirit

Oh you’d rather stay in? How about gifting the UK’s beautiful, zero-proof spirit Seedlip and whipping up a couple of sultry, warming cocktails like any of these stunners put together by Food & Wine.




Scents are personal, sure, but when chosen well it can be one of the best-received gifts. And there’s not all that much at risk when shelling out sub-$100 for a cool kid fragrance from LA’s indie olfactory darling DedCool. Of the five varied scents, we’re suckers for the original number 01, but they're all beautiful.


Luxe Fitness Tracker

We discovered the Nokia Steel HR when hunting for the best new trackers for 7x7, and cannot get enough. It's chic, tracks not just steps, but heart rate, sleep quality and one charge lasts nearly two weeks. Just in time for Vday, the brand has released a rose gold version.



This bangin’ jewelry from Fox & Bond

So jewels might not be the first thing you think of when pondering gifts for your healthy SO, but they should be! We’re pretty sure gifting an F&B Ombre Ring from Fox & Bond will earn you some serious ‘thank you’ cardio!


Wine all the time

Stocking your partner's wine fridge, wine cellar, or stash with a regular wine subscription is a sure-fire way to appear thoughtful when really it's  a gift for yourself as much as it is for them. Brands like Dry Farm Wines only work with natural wine producers, and some of the smaller subscriptions like Wine Trees seek out producers with minimal eco-impact.



This new ‘muscle stim’ gadget is the ultimate recovery tool. It’s hot off of the presses, so your boo will be one of the first to delight in the twitchy, delightful benefits of pre-workout, post-workout or massage muscle stimulation.  

The Well + Away Holiday Gift Guide


Our Favorite Healthy Gifts

Already missed out on monogram timing and slow boat shipping and are now looking for the perfect gift that you can give ASAP? Successful procrastination is a skill we honed over the years - though truth be told learning to avoid this last dash is currently topping 2018’s resolutions list. So in the spirit of disguising procrastination with really, really good gift giving, here are our favorite health-focused goodies that can be express-shipped to friends and family in time, whether you're celebrating the 12th or 24th.

Beauty Junkies


We met Lauren of WHYLD when W+A friend Katey Yurko of Violet Fog introduced us this summer. At that time, she had just one killer product: a Youth Activating Elixir (YAE to her devoted IG following) full of wildcrafted marula oil, watermelon, black currant, pomegranate, crambe and chia seed oils. We started using it at night, then during the day, and now can’t get enough whenever, wherever. Bonus points for this being the highest quality serum you can find at this price point. $76,

Drunk Elephant.jpg

Drunk Elephant Gift Sets
Drunk Elephant’s super clean skincare has been on our radar for awhile, but it took a beauty editor at W mag saying it was the only beauty line she purchases for herself to finally get us to try it for ourselves. The Vitamin C serum is a cult product, as is nearly every other individual product, but the real show stopper gifts are the ridiculously packaged gift sets that will blow any other beauty set set you’ve ever given or received right out of the water. Starting at $18,

Chill Chicks


Who knew that THC-laced turmeric lattes would become our go-to after-work drink of the season? Even though Mondo is produced to be for 'full body relaxation with a gentle cerebral invigoration', we've mostly been taking it in place of a post-dinner glass of Pinot. No matter when you take it, though, these Venice-chic jars of a cannabis, coconut oil and cacao butter formula serve up an awesome dose of anti-anxiety. Pricing dependent on dispensary,


Lucky Box Club Subscription
If you really want to surprise someone with some high brow cannabis gifting, Lucky Box Club’s customizable monthly box delivers a curated set of THC and CBD edibles, topicals and flowers from indie vendor partners. A clever new customer flow lets you choose whether you're into a variety, just edibles or anything in between, as well as how much product you want hitting the doorstep each month. Classic membership starts at $150/month,

The Hostess


August Morgan cocktail napkins
Erm, so this isn’t 1,000% health-focused, but just look at these little linen cocktail napkins! A moment of sharing adorable cocktail napkin delight when handing a drink to friends and family is a sure way to make your hostess friends feel awesome and spread the cheer. Which is what self-care is all about, right? The playful, colorful and sweet designs are nearly endless. $38/set of four,


Lite + Cycle candles
As part of a story we wrote in winter of 2016 for our friends at VegNews, we uncovered the best vegan and clean-burning candles. Our favorite producer of the bunch was LA-based Lite + Cycle, and this year’s favorite scent is Vetiver. In addition to beautiful, complex scents that would feel right at home in your fancy friend’s third vacation home’s bathroom, the packaging feels like dressed-up-downtown and the price point feels like a steal for the quality. Lite + Cycle candles are crafted with pure essential oils often from wild-grown sources, and use renewable biodegradable materials, soy waxes, and unbleached cotton wicks. Starting at $62,

Tech Obsessed

Aaptiv gift.jpg

Aaptiv membership
We’ve been singing the praises of Aaptiv since a friend mentioned this was the only thing that could take her cardio relationship to the next level. Since our first audio-led treadmill workout, we were hooked. Classes vary by skill, with a number of different coaches using different training styles and playlists. Workouts focus on cardio (indoor and outdoor), and also include yoga, strength training and stretching. Gift subscriptions currently $79.99,


So this DIY metabolism and personalized nutrition kit was our gateway drug into the world of the quantified self and biohacking. We're now obsessed thanks to Habit. The at-home testing process itself takes a little bit of psyching up - it involves chugging a 1,000 calorie, shelf-stable shake and three finger prick tests - but the results that show dietary sensitivities, a personalized ideal macro split and genetic markers for things from a predisposition to obesity to endurance sports are so, so worth it. $299 (currently $50 off, $249 until December 25 off until December 25),

The Yogi

Yellow Willow.jpg

Yellow Willow Mat
We’ve been loyal to our rotation of Manduka mats for years now, but Yellow Willow’s luxe mats made of biodegradable rubber and recycled plastic bottles caught our eye with their sexy patterns (geodes, starry nights) and extra layer of grip. This is the only chic mat we’ve seen that offers slip-free support in hot yoga classes. $98,

The SNugglepuss

Buffy Day 2_Product Pink _020.jpg

Buffy comforter
Always trying to live with a smaller carbon footprint over here, we’ve been meaning to try a down alternative comforter but haven’t been able to find one that didn’t feel like a cheap imposter. Made from natural materials and the same technological magic that keeps North Face puffers warm, the just-launched Buffy comforter is light, warm and machine washable (that last one was a game changer for us). Oh, and their site is the cutest of any comforter maker ever. Starting at $120,


Coyuchi For Life subscription
Based on how much time we spend wrapped in our sheets, we should be investing in quality, sustainable ones. But instead of spending an arm and a leg on posh sheets and having to toss them after a year or two, Coyuchi is offering a new organic sheet and towel subscription that send out new sheets every 6, 12 or 24 months. The less often the switch out, the less expensive, and they upcycle previously loved sheets. Starting at $5/month,