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Take Your Down Dog Outside, Clean Up Your Makeup Routine and Party Like a Healer this Week in SF

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Yoga on the Plaza with Bay Club

It’s a gorgeous week for taking your workout al fresco, and this Thursday the Bay Club is hosting a free yoga class at The Plaza in FiDi. Led by Bay Club instructor Jennifer Kelly, this is the last class in a weekly series celebrating national yoga month. After a 60-minute flow, post-class refreshments will be served - because what’s better than day drinking outside in yoga pants? The class itself is an all-levels Vinyasa flow class set to music broadcasted through attendees’ individual, wireless headsets. Donations will be accepted onsite to support Team G Childhood Cancer Foundation.  
5:30pm check-in, Bay Club Financial District, 555 California St. RSVP at Eventbrite.


The Center SF Turns Two

Home to breathing workshops, monthly moon circles and esoteric wellness modalities from EFT Tapping to Reiki, The Center SF is having itself a birthday party on Thursday, September 28. Festivities will include tarot readings, astrology, live music, healthy snacks, beverages and plenty of dancing.  
7p.m. - 11p.m., Tickets are available for a requested donation of $10. The Center, 548 Fillmore St (Lower Pac Heights).


Work Hard, Sleep Hard

Mattress Firm and OrangeTheory Fitness are hosting a ‘Work Hard, Sleep Hard’ pop-up event on Saturday, September 30. Through 12 p.m., Mattress Firm will be onsite showing off their latest offerings and sharing advice on how to up your slumber game for enhanced athletic performance. Mattresses will be in-studio for testing, or post-workout napping, after the a.m. sweat sesh, and Revive Kombucha will be serving beverages. First class is free at OrangeTheory for new students.  -
OrangeTheory Fitness, 343 Sansome Street #125, 8:30a.m - 12:30p.m.


Your Best Face Forward

FaceWest is now open in the Marina. Get your makeup done with cruelty-free, vegan, clean beauty products curated by Bay Area native owners Pavla and Petra Langer. Makeup artists can put a look together for you for anything from opening night to ‘natural makeup 101’. Pro tip: if you’re running from makeup to an event with zero time for hair, they have blowdryers and styling tools on-hand for quickie hair styling, too.  
FaceWest, 3236 Scott St. (Marina).


Laughing Lotus Class @ Athleta Sutter

Home of the signature lighthearted and soulful Vinyasa yoga style, Laughing Lotus is the studio of the month at Athleta Sutter. This Saturday, BYO mat for an hour of all-levels yoga flow with a Laughing Lotus instructor. After class, yogis have the run of the store before it’s open to the public, as well as a chance to win an Athleta gift card and complimentary refreshments.  
 Athleta Sutter Street, 255 Sutter St (Union Square). Free, 8:30a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

50 Shades of Self-Care this February


Show yourself for the rest of this month. 

February is the month of #selfcare. And while we may have been thinking about our S.O. and the perfect VDay gift at the beginning of this month, now is the time to invest a bit more time in ourselves.

Turning attention inward and 'spending' time and energy on YOU rather than others can seem decadent and a little naughty (even thought it's absolutely necessary). That’s why we've created a ‘50 Shades’ themed list of indulgent self-love ideas for our friends at employee wellness perks company HealthKick, and are sharing with you here. So start reading and give yourself the love you deserve the rest of this month!

  1. Get your vitamin game in order - try Care/of’s personalized vitamin packs for chicly packaged and super clean vitamins and supplements

  2. Drink more water. Commit to drinking your weight in ounces of water each day.

  3. Get a massage. San Francisco's Remede Spa in the St Regis offers a deep tissue and hot stone therapy massage that will melt tight muscles. Or try an on-demand massage service like Zeel for a 60-minute Swedish session without stepping foot outside your home.

  4. Eat more greens. Have a big salad at least once per day, the rest of the month, and it will become a habit.

  5. Eat those greens even when you’re rushing around or on the road. ALOHA makes yummy individually packed greens powders that can be added to water no matter how far you are from the nearest salad bar.

  6. Turn up the heat on your yoga practice. Especially when it’s chilly outside, a hot yoga class can be a great way to dial up your cardio and flexibility. Try Core Power anywhere, Ritual in SF, Hot8 in LA for starters.

  7. Prepare a decadent dinner for one. Completely completely from vegetables. If you need a little inspiration (or fully prepared foods delivered to your door), check out Hungryroot’s carrot noodles with tangy sriracha peanut and almond chickpea cookie dough.

  8. Get yourself the gift of a morning workout. If you need suggestions, check out our city guides.

  9. That morning workout can even be a twenty minute walk to grab a morning tea or coffee and back. While you’re at it, tune into a Headspace guided meditation to get your zen on.  

  10. And don’t forget about a post-workout morning smoothie. Try out different smoothie combinations to discover new favorite flavors. For some expert help, try Greenblender’s smoothie subscription.

  11. Switch out your morning coffee for an antioxidant-packed matcha latte or an adaptogen-based latte like turmeric.

  12. Explore a new indoor workout, even if you normally swear by sweating in the great (urban) outdoors.

  13. Replace your nightly glass of wine for a glass of kombucha once or twice per week. We heart Health-Ade or Revive.

  14. Have a date night with coconut oil - cover your body, face and hair in the good stuff and then make a coconut-inspired dinner for one like a coconut curry with zoodles.

  15. Splurge on a trend-setting fitness classes you’ve been wanting to take.

  16. Treat your feet to a massage dedicated entirely to them, sometimes we forget how much work they do.

  17. But your hands could probably use some love, too, so take them out for a nice mani, too.

  18. Along with that mani, get a Friday morning blowout, without the stress of getting to the salon, by using an on-demand beauty booking app like PRIV or BeGlammed.

  19. Give your punam a facial’s facial with laser combo treatments and microcurrent therapy at spas like SkinSpa New York.

  20. If you’ve never tried it before, give wellness coaching a go to develop a positive personal narrative.

  21. Spice it up in the kitchen. Learn a new trick or two with the help of a gourmet meal kit service like Purple Carrot or Blue Apron.

  22. While you’re at it, clean up your spice drawer to make sure all is still fresh and that you have plenty of good-for-you herbs on hand.

  23. And give your fridge the same treatment - remove anything that won’t help on your wellness path and replace it with healthier versions that inspire you.

  24. Think about your beauty from the inside out by trying skin and hair supporting supplements, like those included in the new beauty pack by WellPath.

  25. Send yourself flowers. Or just grab a bouquet on the way into Trader Joe’s.

  26. Workout in your underwear, in the comfort of your own home, using a streaming fitness service like Cody App, Fit Plan or Bye, inhibitions.

  27. Pack yourself healthy lunches using your favorites healthy flavors, or in a pinch order up from healthy lunch delivery services like Good Meal.

  28. Get a fitness form tune up from a personal trainer. Find one you love at your gym, or ditch the membership fees and connect with one who aligns with your goals at

  29. Organize your fitness apparel drawer, out with the old and everything else in its place.

  30. And treat yourself to a new piece of gear, you deserve it.

  31. Have a dance party for one in your living room.

  32. Think about your favorite cocktail, then Google how to make it lower in sugar and better for you.

  33. Make meditation a priority. The Path in New York and Unplug in Los Angeles offer great classes for beginners and those who want to deepen an existing practice.

  34. If you’re not in a meditation savvy city, explore the world of digital mindfulness via the many apps out there. Find one you love and commit to meditating each morning for at least five minutes for one week.

  35. Scrub that winter skin. DIY a sugar scrub at home, or take yourself out to a Korean spa for a thorough exfoliation.

  36. After, draw a bath and luxuriate in your favorite essential oils.

  37. Hit the stairs. They are awesome for your tush, cardio system and getting some fresh air. Bonus: they’re free.

  38. Clear your voicemail queue.

  39. If you’re already a spin pro, take your resistance to the next level with an added challenge like the new Pelo in SF or underwater cycling at Aqua in New York.

  40. Reinvigorate your oral hygiene routine. Companies like Tulip are revolutionizing oral health with cutting edge toothpastes and brushes.

  41. Unsubscribe from any email newsletters that no longer serve you.

  42. While you’re online, book yourself a health-focused getaway to somewhere you’ve never been. For trip planning ideas, check out Escape to Shape.

  43. Unplug once per week, for at least an hour. No phone, computer, television.

  44. Journal, just the good stuff. Write down achievements, however small, compliments you may have heard throughout the day and challenges you’ve overcome.

  45. Stretch! Develop a stretching practice at home, at your desk, at the gym. Cody App has a great stretching program with Ashley Galvin.

  46. Say ‘no’ to obligations that won’t inspire or help you on your journey. Your time is valuable.

  47. Same goes for social media accounts you currently follow. Remember, your time is valuable.

  48. Create a sanctuary at home for just you. You can use comfy pillows, artwork from a favorite trip, textures that calm.

  49. Develop a daily tea ritual - have an energizing cup to start the day or a soothing one made of herbs to wind down.

  50. Take yourself out to a movie. 50 Shades or other.

Best New Winter Workouts

Where to Work Out When Home for the Holidays

Going with the family holiday flow of movie marathons, comfort food and red wine should not interrupt your finely tuned fitness routine. In order to stay in the groove when traveling to visit family - either home or somewhere new - I like to find fun, new group fitness classes and fit my workout in first thing in the morning.

By taking a fun class first thing when I wake up, by the time I’m home everyone else is just starting to stir. I can enjoy an interrupted day of family time and feel like I accomplished something knowing I got my sweat in . For some up-and-out inspo when visiting family, here’s a rundown of new and energetic group fitness classes.

Barry’s Bootcamp, San Francisco

Opening December 19, Barry’s Marina is now the largest Barry's Bootcamp on the West Coast (and possibly the US). There are over 50 treads and a killer sound system in a stunning studio with high ceilings, exposed beams and plenty of room for post-class lounging.

Kobox London

The new Kobox is London’s first boutique boxing gym, where the vibe is Fight Club meets nightclub. Classes combine boxing moves with plyo training and bodyweight work for a killer workout. No need to worry about leaving class with a black eye though, all contact boxing is done with bags.

Studio Three Chicago

Three floors, each with its own discipline: yoga, cycling and HIIT. Yoga is a heated Vinyasa flow, HIIT is either tread or rowing machines with strength intervals and cycling is taught on every indoor cyclist's new obsession: Peloton bikes.

Booty Works Studio City

A new fitness co-op, Booty Works is a collective space where instructors launching new methodologies can teach and grow their following without having to commit to their own retail space. Classes include Lotus Flow, Fit Hop LA and Flight.

Orange Theory Chapel Hill

Orange Theory is a toughie interval workout that, conveniently for those visiting family in and outside of smaller cities, seems to have a lot of studios in suburban areas. Workouts combine tread training, indoor rowing and weights, a trifecta for results they call the 'Orange Effect'.

EPIC Miami

An interval-hybrid focused studio that has a full range of classes that give you a week's worth of tough, well-rounded workouts. Max out with KB squats in The Grynd and Tone and Power on your push days, and recover with stretch-focused Versaflex yoga on recovery days.

Portland Rock Gym + Prasad East 

Portland Rock Gym is an old school workout that’s been in business since 1988. Climbing is a killer upper bod workout that’s most fun to do with a partner. What is new at this classic gym is a Prasad cafe located inside of the gym and serving post-workout fare like a cashew cream Glory Cafe and a variety of hearty bowls including Yogi and Urban.


What's your favorite hometown fitness studio? Tell us why you love it in the comments!