What we love about New York

farm fresh.

From the post yoga salad to the five star dining, nearly every meal you'll enjoy is locally sourced and lovingly prepared. 


Seriously, what other city has such scenic trail access so close to downtown?  Answer, nobody. 


Mixologists reign supreme at nearly every watering hole and speakeasy. Yes, SF still has those.



Cafe Gitane

Mostly non-veg, Cafe Gitane is famous for it's ridiculously tasty avocado toast. Why is this simple breakfast of avocado, lemon juice and red pepper flakes so satisfying? We still can't figure it out, but we're okay with it.
242 Mott Street, Nolita
(+ West Village)

Caravan of Dreams

Not for the power breakfaster, Caravan of Dreams opens at 11a each 'morning' and serves a variety of scrambles, a french toast and a Mediterranean Brunch with spanish rice and seitan. CoD is an easy and delicious to ease into the day.
405 E 6th St, East Village



Opened in 1971, Souen is the best Macrobiotic meal we've had in the states. And we would bathe in their miso tahini sauce if we could. A quiet space just outside of Soho, the clientele is a mix of friends grabbing a post-workout bite and regulars who have been coming since it opened.
210 6th Ave, Soho
(+Union Square, East Village)

Rockin' Raw

Trying to convert a carnivore/omnivore into a rabid herbivore? Bring them here and order a Lucuma mylkshake. And anything else on this Peruvian/raw menu. Our entree fave is the Peruvian pesto dish.
171 Sullivan Street, West Village


Pure Food & Wine

Sarma Malngailis' raw food fine dining restaurant that started it all. If you don't know about Sarma, this is the woman who pretty much parted the red sea to allow the vegans to be a part of respected, mainstream culinary culture. It's every bit as good as you want it to be.
54 Irving Place, Gramercy Park

Dirt Candy

It's small, charming, in one of our favorite 'hoods and chef/owner Amanda Cohen turns it out. The food is too good. You will eat too much and need to Soul Cycle tomorrow, but it's worth it. Note that there are around eight or so tables in the restaurant, so book in advance.
430 E 9th St, East Village


Can there be a less Murray Hill restaurant in Murray Hill? Kajitsu serves Buddhist, vegan fare in the form of a prix fixe menu. There are only four tables in the whole place, so use your indoor voice and book in advance.
125 E 39th St, Murray Hill


Soul Cycle

New York is where it all started. It would be a crime against the gods of cardio to not try at least one SC spin class while in town. Get ready to dance on a bike to sick playlists next to NYC's most toned. Make a reservation in advance, as these classes sell out quickly.
12 E 18th St, Union Square
(+UWS, UES, Tribeca, Williamsburg)

SLT (strengthen, lengthen, tone)

Pilates on crack. The good kind. What Soul Cycle is to spinning, SLT is to Pilates.
37 W 57th St, Midtown


Kula Project

Schuyler Grant's authentic, butt-kicking, inspiring, challenging, magical studio. When we're not in New York we dream about Kula. Classes run just over 90 minutes usually, and for the most part are for experienced (or just brave) yogis.
28 Warren St, Tribeca

Pure Yoga

Pure offers ever major style of yoga out there, and has recruited the city's top instructors to lead the curriculum. It's a posh facility, design-driven and with all of the normal Equinox fitness accoutrements. But don't let that make you think they yoga isn't top, top notch.
203 E 86th St, Upper East Side


Seasonal, organic, thoughtful cocktails. Yum.
9 Doyers St, Chinatown

Rouge Tomate

More restaurant than bar, the cocktail program at Rouge Tomate takes no prisoners. Elegant, organic and seasonal seasonal seasonal.
10 E 60th St, Midtown

The Butcher's Daughter

Order the Honey Bee to quit that jet lag, and the Hangover Killer to undo whatever it is you did last night after dinner. In addition to juice, they serve smoothies, elixirs, tea and coffee. You can't go wrong with any of it.
19 Kenmare Street, Nolita


The first cold-pressed juice spot in New York. What's old is new and Liquiteria is still serving up some of New York's finest concoctions.
170 2nd Ave, East Village
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