There are tons of super charming, vegan friendly (and vegan) restaurants, and the city is surrounded by some of the country's best hiking trails. We've found some great yoga and dance classes, but the most rewarding way to sweat it out is to get outdoors and up into those mountains. And then indulge in a crazy tasty 18-course prix fixe at Forage for an unforgettable three hour affair of veggie love. 

-- -- --


Vertical Diner

2280 West Temple, South SLC
This is about as indie as the SLC vegan scene gets. Sort of Brooklyn-like, sort of  Silverlake
like, you'll see what we mean. They have smoothies made with raw cashew mylk for a quick raw breakfast, and La Mesa for when you're heading out for a day running trails.

Cafe Supernatural

600 S 700 E, Central City
Remember when we mentioned the adorable cafe with the yoga studio roommate? This is the place! It's one of Vertical Diner's sister restaurants, and they serve a number of raw breakfast goodies. Perfect after working it out on your mat!

-- -- --



602 E 500 S, Central City
Prana is the yoga counterpart to Cafe Supernatural. Classes are challenging but thoughtful. Probably a five or six on the sweatiness scale, Prana has some talented teachers and a bright, airy space that will make you feel right at home.

Centered City Yoga

918 E 900 S, 9th and 9th
Probably the hippest yoga studio in town, these classes are busy, sweaty and upstairs in a very yogic downtown loft.  When you're done, head down the street to Mazza for some delicious vegan Lebanese.

-- -- --



912 E 9th St S, 9th and 9th
You know who cooks here? Omar from Omar's Rawtopia's mom. So, girl knows a thing or two about making some super flavorful vegan cuisine. The restaurant does serve meat (for our carnivorous friends!) but their plant-based options are extensive and crazy good.

Omar’s Rawvolution

2148 Highland Drive, Sugar House
Omar's Rawvolution is what happens when a raw food chefs takes traditional Lebanese food and uncooks it. There are many memorable traditional raw items on the menu, but trust us, try the raw Labneh. And the cacao mylkshake. 

-- -- --


Urban Arts Dance and Fitness

25 E Kensington Ave, Downtown
They offer a little of everything here - yoga, Pilates, hula, Zumba and a number of dance-based cardio workouts.

Trail Running, Little Cottonwood Canyon

9600 Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Sandy
There are a bazillion different trails around the Little Cottonwood area. Short ones, long ones, steep ones. Each one is more scenic than the next. It's a climb up the hill, so leave plenty of time to get there and explore.

-- -- --


Caffe d’Bolla

249 E 400S, Central City
If you take your coffee seriously, this is the one and only place to go in SLC. John the owner selects his beans from some of the best producers, and knows which beans roast best at the high SLC altitude. This is artisan coffee and roasting at its best.

-- -- --



370 E 900 S, Central City
Book ahead - this gem of a restaurant has just eight tables. Their veg menu does contain dairy but because all of their dairy is organic and locally sourced from sustainable farms, we say splurge. The 18-course tasting menu can be paired with wine or non-alcoholic juices. This meal is perfection and would cost four times as much on either coast.

Sage’s Cafe


473 E 300 S, Central CityYou know when you crave a quiet, charming vegan meal in a homey little restaurant with an adorable patio? This is it. There should be a Sage's in every city. Oh, and you can't beat the $10 corkage.


-- -- --



275 S 200 W, Downtown
New sexy little (vegan) dinner spot with a killer seasonal, organic, vegan friendly bar menu. Kombucha cocktails and organic double chocolate vodka? Love.


155 E 200 S, Central City
We like our bars windowless and dark with naked lady pictures in the bathroom and classic cocktails with fresh herbs and citrus. There's a cute little patio out front, but we think the bar's where it's at.