London VitalGuide 2018, First Edition

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London VitalGuide 2018, First Edition


London VitalGuide 2018, First Edition

Discover London’s best-in-class wellness hotspots, according to City Curator slash wellness star Emily Warburton-Adams.

Your purchase includes two versions of the guide: a digital version for your phone and a printable version for going screen-free (or when managing limited international data plans).

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The London VitalGuide includes:

  • Our five favorite plant-based (or plant-friendly) breakfast spots

  • Our five top picks for chic and plant-forward dinners with friends

  • The six top spots to sweat (including a few multitaskers for sweating and people watching)

  • Three curated wellness itineraries for biking around to clever themes like museums and matcha and yoga and art

  • A handful of dietary restriction-friendly and design-driven hotels, from 'this one's on me' to 'wallets at the ready'

  • Four weekend escapes perfect for romantic escapades, family adventuring or escaping the urban jungle for an unplug

  • Three Airport cheat sheets

  • So much more we cannot wait for you to see

Things To Do in London

Grab the first healthy travel guidebook to London and discover the best vegan restaurants, best workouts, coolest juice bars, running routes, outdoor adventures and more. Dining selections range from quick and casual to luxe and linger-worthy, and fitness picks range from gentle to ‘hurts so good’.  

Take it Home

Either in preparation for your voyage or upon return, tap recipes from tastemakers and London's favorite urban sanctuaries for everything from fresh-pressed mocktails to a DIY shower scrub.

Travel Like a Local

Each selection is personally vetted by city locals so you can explore the city's healthiest best without having to feel like a tourist. Our London VitalGuide also includes a selection of exclusive interviews with local wellness movers and shakers including celebrity personal trainers Georgie Spurling and Lawrence Price, Harley Street nutritionist and author Rhiannon Lambert, and Ben Bidwell of the Naked Professor. Each interviewee shares their favorite places around London - from quick vegan-friendly coffee stops in Putney and healthy date nights in Notting Hill to riverside bodyweight workouts along the Thames and posh hotel massages. We have it all covered and can't wait to share it with you.