South Bay VitalGuide Mini

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South Bay VitalGuide Mini


South Bay VitalGuide 2019, First Edition

Discover the South Bay’s best-in-class wellness hotspots, from beachside chia pudding and superfood-packed smoothies to an under-the-radar yoga studio with an elite athlete following.

Your purchase includes a digital version for your phone, for easy viewing on-the-go. Our favorite way to view the guide? On airplane mode, so you can focus 100% on self-care.

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The South Bay VitalGuide includes:

  • Our four favorite plant-based (or plant-friendly) eateries across the beach cities

  • The four top spots to sweat, including mind-body practices yoga and Pilates

  • Two popular-with-locals destinations to sneak in allergen-free sweet treats

  • The best spot to grab a nutrient-rich juice

  • Where to find a ‘surf concierge’ if learning to shred is on the itinerary

  • Our beloved airport cheat sheet, LAX edition

Things To Do in the South Bay

Grab the first healthy travel guidebook to LA’s South Bay and discover the best vegan restaurants, workouts, top juice bar, and more. 

Travel Like a Local

Each selection is personally vetted by city locals, in this case South Bay local journalists Anna Lane and Stacy Jaffa, so you can explore the city's healthiest best without having to feel like a tourist. We have it all covered and can't wait to share it with you.