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Vancouver VitalGuide Digital Exclusive

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A February Escape to Vancouver

Vancouver is the birthplace of so many of my favorite wellness indulgences: lululemon, Six Hundred Four sneakers, Botox, I could go on. That Vancouver is a fountain of well-th is no secret. The third most liveable city, as designated by The Economist, Vancouver also has the third most expensive real estate after Sydney, Australia and Hong Kong. **Fun fact: watching House Hunters in Vancouver is literally the only thing that makes me feel better about real estate prices in SF + LA. (Truth.)

I recently visited for a weekend of urban winter adventure, because while I only have love for 70 degree LA February, sometimes a gal needs to remember what a pea coat and mulled wine are.

Day 1

Settling In

I checked into Four Seasons Vancouver, whose downtown Vancouver hotel is connected to the Pacific Centre, meaning easy access to gift shopping at Canadian mainstays Holt Renfrew, Aritzia, David’s Tea and Saje. Generously sized rooms, indoor swimming at x spa and that famous dietary restriction-friendly service makes Four Seasons an easy choice. A hipper-friendly and more price sensitive option is converted 1950’s motel The Burrard, while a scenenier and glitzier downtown option is the newish Hotel Georgia by Rosewood. For massive suites at a decent rate with a complimentary black car shuttle service around town, the Loden (and their signature corner suites in particular) is millennial luxe with easy access to x

Day 2

Flat whites, green juice and lululemon lab

I set out by Uber to check out everyone’s favorite coffee destination xx for an Americano and excellent local people watching. Xx wallpaper makes it an excellent IG pitstop and an entire room of seating makes it an ideal place meeting up with friends or taking a city moment and reading the local news without worrying about rushing to the next stop. Afterward, I got sidetracked on my walk over to lululemon lab (more on that in a sec) by the gorgeous xx Juice place. I got a x and x.

Fully caffeinated and greens-ed up I headed over to the most exciting part of the trip for me - a visit to lululemon lab on x Street. I’ve heard plenty about how they do early releases at the lab stores in Vancouver and New York to test styles that may go into production for lululemon brand, and how many of the styles blur the lines between athleisure and straight up cool gear for wherever.

Everything at the lab is greyscale, and the textures are so varied: silks, xx weave, crazy versions of luxtreme. And they are designing and manufacturing right from the space. It is a lab - like a dream athleisure atelier. After buying as many new pairs of leggings as my suitcase could handle, as well as a jacket and some hot work pants that were tailored onsite 10 minutes after I purchased them, I went to celebrate my new finds with a rich, nutty, spicy bowl of beautiful soba x at Harvest Community Foods.

Day 3

In order to experience as much of the city as possible, I checked out of the Four Seasons and into the Loden hotel by the x. Totally different vibes: where Four Seasons is floral design perfection and marble surfaces with a side of five-star service, the Loden is 36-degree views and Vegas-esque digs with millennial details. You can walk to the waterfront if the sun is our or if your’e properly bundled up with a coffee cup filled with mulled wine, but a house black car, London-style, is available for complimentary rides around town within a 5-mile radius.

After checking out Vancouver’s chicest indoor cycling studio x, it was time to hop over to x town for brunch at Burdock and Co, a xx and x.