Well + Away VitalKits

Photo credit: Andrew Hong

Photo credit: Andrew Hong

All you need to feel great on the road

We designed our Well + Away VitalKits (as featured in the New York Times) for hotels without minibars, for resorts who want to offer guests a healthier and vegan-friendly option, for meeting and wedding planners who want to offer guests a modern, wellness-focused overnight kit that works just as well for late night munchies as hungover mornings.

Each Well + Away VitalKit includes:

  • Vegan, gluten-free munchies such as

  • Justin’s nut butter cups

  • HipPeas Vegan White Cheddar chickpea puffs

  • Square Organics protein bar

  • LATHER facial mist with refreshing properties

  • New pre-night out beverage Morning Recovery.

Naturally, each kit also contains a code for guests to download the VitalGuide for that city to encourage a healthy stay.

We’d love to develop a VitalKit program for your guests and clients. Drop us a line below and we can explore what this might look like for you.

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