The San Francisco VitalGuide is here

It’s here! You can now pre-order our SF VitalGuide, the first healthy guidebook to San Francisco.

 No more anxiety trying to guess 'where to eat' 'where to workout' and 'what do the cool-healthy locals actually do'. How about you just let us show you. The SF VitalGuide contains everything you need to survive Bay Area airports, find a healthy-luxe hotel, book a hip workout, drink the best cold-pressed green juice and explore the city by foot with walking itineraries. Interviews with healthy locals give an insider’s perspective to the best local gems, and accompanying recipes for eating, drinking and DIY spa can help you prep for or relive your trip.

Guides are shipping on/around March 1, and until then we’ll be tiding you over with clever San Francisco tips and great finds. To kick it off, here’s a recipe for the Fire and Wellness shot from one of our favorite destinations, Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito, located in the Escapes section:

Fire and Wellness Shot
Juice of 6 fresh lemons
Juice of a 2 inch piece of ginger
3 drops of Oregano Oil
6 drops of Garlic Extract
Mix juices together, then add three drops of oregano oil and six drops of garlic extract. Cavallo Point recommends using oregano oil from Source Naturals and kyolic aged garlic extract. Both items can be found at Whole Foods Market.
Juice can be combined and refrigerated for several days. When ready to enjoy, pour into a two ounce shot glass and add the oil and extract. Hotel guests are encouraged to down it like a shot. The “fire” comes from the Oregano oil, which is why only 3 drops is recommended.

San Francisco is just the beginning, we're already health-hacking our second city and will be sharing updates via our newsletter. So order your guide, sign up for the newsletter and get Vital!