From Jetlagged to Red Carpet Ready in 60

Lie flat seats and liters of water can help offset some of the effects of jetlag, but even these cushy perks don’t guarantee that trans-con doesn’t screw with your body clock or sap your skin. Upon touching down on any trip, feeling energized and looking alive can take daysss. Lucky for us, we’ve discovered Los Angeles’ beautiful people go-to for looking and feeling paparazzi-ready in just 60 minutes: Leaf MD’s signature Vitamin IV Facial.  

The Hack: IV Vita-Infusion facial at Leaf MD, Beverly Hills


The skincare and medical teams at Leaf MD developed the combo Vitamin IV and facial treatment to help busy execs, celebs and travelers look and feel their best in just 60 minutes. The vitamin IV is a tailored Meyers Cocktail combining vitamin C, B-complex and boosters such as calcium, magnesium and glutathione; the facial is customized based on skin type and often includes microdermabrasion, facial massage, extractions if necessary, serums, a customized mask and cryotherapy.


Upon checking in at the buzzy but discreet office, resident RN Joy Edwards administers the nutrient IV drip, while in-house para-medical aesthetician Maya Zeineddine preps your skin. Once you’re hooked up and those anti-jetlag nutrients are direct lining (you’ll know when you taste the B vitamins), Joy will leave you to your facial and check in every 10 minutes or so to make sure all is okay. The nutrient IV drips for about 45 minutes, but you forget it’s there after the first five or so minutes and just relax and let Maya do her magic.


I tried this facial after returning from a long haul in economy. In-flight I tried my best version of Lisa Eldridge’s brilliant plane beauty routine, but stepping off the plane my skin barely looked alive and my energy reserves were I think down to fumes. The treatment itself was really relaxing, and afterward I felt a little sleepy from the magnesium, and still super relaxed from the skin treatment. I did not feel ready to run a marathon at all, but my skin felt so soft and looked plumper than it had in a long time. After a casual dinner with a friend and an early night in, I woke up the next morning feeling like a new woman: extra energized and body and face both felt hydrated and majorly glow-y. Hydration, check. Energy, check. And bonus: you would never have been able to tell my face has spent 12+ hours in Economy.


The buzzy Beverly Hills office is discreetly located at 436 North Bedford Avenue, #104, naturally tucked away along Beverly Hills’ posh cosmetic dermatology row and just behind brow guru Anastasia Beverly Hills. It’s just under 13 miles from LAX, which means about 30-48 minutes, depending on traffic. Also, walking distance from nearly any Beverly Hills Hotel. How much? $295


New York

Dr Virginia Wade offers a IV Vitamin Fusion and Oxygen Therapy
How much? $300

We’ll keep an eye out for other cities!