Where are the Best Healthy Haunts in San Francisco? Right Here.


Meet the San Francisco VitalGuide, 2nd Edition!

We’ve updated our San Francisco VitalGuide, 2nd edition, to include more airport cheat sheets, new interviews, new vegan-friendly restaurants and soooo many more fun wellness finds. We’ve also taken the guides digital - meaning we can update more frequently and you can use the guides on your phone or in our handy new printable format.

What’s new for 2018?

When we launched in 2016, we included OAK and SFO in our airport cheat sheet section. By popular demand, we’ve added SJC to the lineup. We’ve also added to the interview section, including an interview with Elaine Hayes - owner of MNTSTUDIO - just deemed Best in the Bay 2018 by San Francisco Magazine. Our favorite addition to the 2nd edition is a new section entitled ‘Where to Get Naughty’ that details our favorite local haunts to get tipsy (on tipples that include cold-pressed juices, of course), or drop some major coin on indie fine jewels, or get a sugar fix and more. 

How does the new digital format work?

Every purchase includes two versions: one optimized for your phone’s screen so you can flip through the guide on-the-go, and another that can be printed, folded and viewed sans that harsh blue light. The printable version appears a little funky on-screen, with some pages upside down and others right side up. This is to accommodate home printers and make it easy to print, double-sided, fold in half and jet!

Who is it for?

We first envisioned our guides as the best way for visitors to experience a city as a hip-healthy local. But we learned that most of our VitalGuide readers are locals who just want to learn how to up their health game without sacrificing vibes. And have shared that they've discovered so many new locales thanks to our guides. So now we know: the VitalGuides are for locals and visitors. And corporate gifters, because we are still customizing our OG print version. ;)

Where to get the guide?

Oh, right over here! And use code WAFRIEND for 10% off of your order.