The World’s Healthiest Cocktail


Myers’ Cocktails are not just a handy solution for too many vodka sodas in Vegas, though they can be an awesome way to kick a hangover. John Myers developed his namesake cocktail in Baltimore to help treat chronic health issues by intravenously administering megadoses of nutrients. Devotees claim benefits like hydration, energy and supercharged immunity, which to us sounds like a perfect antidote for travelers looking to shake the jetlag haze.

We sought out San Francisco Myers’ Cocktail expert Dr. Carl Hangee-Bauer of San Francisco Natural Medicine, a naturopath working in SF for over 20 years, to fill us in and let us take one for a spin.

How it Works

The whole process takes around an hour. Depending on the amount of fluid being administered and the body’s absorption speed, you could be sitting with your IV and dripping anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. It would be easy forget your veins are being pumped with nutrient goo if not for the slightly sleepy feeling the magnesium can cause, and more strangely being able to literally taste the drip contents once they hit your bloodstream - it’s the B vitamins, and they taste sort of metallic.

What’s in the bag

The Myer’s Cocktail has no one size fits all recipe. The balance of vitamins is dependent on the patient receiving the drip, but it generally includes some mix of Vitamin C, glutathione, magnesium, B complex and a handful of supplemental nutrients. The ratios of these and other nutrients are customized based on the patient receiving the drip.

Many naturopathic doctors, including Hangee-Bauer, can offer a totally tailored Myers’ Cocktail for regular patients, and for visitors traveling through SF a travel-specific mini-Myers’ that would include a blend of nutrients for immune support, fatigue and balancing energy levels.

How does it feel?

Awesome. After the mini-Myers I tried (which dripped for about 30 minutes), I felt a little sleepy for the first hour. Then fine. The next day I felt amazing - lots of energy, powered through workout and felt that I had a particularly easy time getting to bed. I traveled the next day and though it was just a short trip I felt pretty energized. I would totally do it again, especially before departing on a long haul trip, or the day after returning from one.