Just back from: Copenhagen


Well + Away just returned from one week in Copenhagen, a chilly but cozy, design-driven city with an abundance of plant-based dining, spa and reasons to get outdoors.

Until the city guide is live, here are a few healthy highlights and some worth-it indulgences from W+A's recent Copenhagen visit.

Seasonal cocktails! So many great drinks, all made with fresh juices and local herbs. Favorite bars include Atze Peng, Duck and Cover, The Barking Dog, Salon 39 and Lidkoeb’s third floor whiskey bar.

An amazing destination spa, 20 minutes outside of town: Kurhotel Skodsborg and their amazing Saunagus treatment with mist master Tina Anderson.

The most charming, smallest hotel I’ve ever seen: Central Hotel & Cafe.

All the vegan and gluten-free multi-course meals at No 2, Radio and Kiin Kiin.

My new favorite $20 semi-raw burger at Simple Raw.

Housemade nutella at Kalaset.

Biking everywhere, in the rain, like a local.

Dining and drinking in the meat-packing district.