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LA’s Vegan In-N-Out is in Chinatown (and it’s better than the real thing)



It’s called Burgerlords. Across the street from a small framing shop that W+A art insider friends swear by, is Chinatown’s vegan-friendly burger joint Burgerlords. Orders get placed at an outdoor, fast-food styled walk-up window, behind which housemade vegan (and meat) burgers, and vegan animal-style fries called ‘lord of the fries’ are made. A handful of picnic-style tables sit in the middle of Chinatown’s Central Plaza for messily (and delightfully) stuffing thousand island-drenched fries, vegan burgers and cheeseburgers into your face. You can go nearly healthy with a traditional vegan burger on a lettuce wrap, or go full treat meal with a double vegan cheeseburger on a traditional bun with a full order of lord of the fries.



It’s fun, worth-the-drive downtown detour for made-from-scratch burgers that are 100% our new favorite veggie burger in town. Fun fact: the whole Burgerlords concept stemmed from a Tumblr. Yup.


The Best Digital LA City Guides

We've pushed out the timeline a bit on our LA VitalGuide, so in the interim, to get a fix of healthy LA - here are some of our favorite digital LA city guides.

Goop's LA Wellness Weekend Itinerary covers all of our favorites in a long weekend format. Clean vegan eats, massage, surf lessons, old school gym time and a healing tonic or two.

Skinny Confidential's LA Mini Delites is a mini guide focused on food that mentions the best after-dinner activity in LA, the Magic Castle.

And who better to recommend city-wide vegan eats than Chef Tal Ronnen of West Hollywood's Crossroads?

Best New Winter Workouts

Where to Work Out When Home for the Holidays

Going with the family holiday flow of movie marathons, comfort food and red wine should not interrupt your finely tuned fitness routine. In order to stay in the groove when traveling to visit family - either home or somewhere new - I like to find fun, new group fitness classes and fit my workout in first thing in the morning.

By taking a fun class first thing when I wake up, by the time I’m home everyone else is just starting to stir. I can enjoy an interrupted day of family time and feel like I accomplished something knowing I got my sweat in . For some up-and-out inspo when visiting family, here’s a rundown of new and energetic group fitness classes.

Barry’s Bootcamp, San Francisco

Opening December 19, Barry’s Marina is now the largest Barry's Bootcamp on the West Coast (and possibly the US). There are over 50 treads and a killer sound system in a stunning studio with high ceilings, exposed beams and plenty of room for post-class lounging.

Kobox London

The new Kobox is London’s first boutique boxing gym, where the vibe is Fight Club meets nightclub. Classes combine boxing moves with plyo training and bodyweight work for a killer workout. No need to worry about leaving class with a black eye though, all contact boxing is done with bags.

Studio Three Chicago

Three floors, each with its own discipline: yoga, cycling and HIIT. Yoga is a heated Vinyasa flow, HIIT is either tread or rowing machines with strength intervals and cycling is taught on every indoor cyclist's new obsession: Peloton bikes.

Booty Works Studio City

A new fitness co-op, Booty Works is a collective space where instructors launching new methodologies can teach and grow their following without having to commit to their own retail space. Classes include Lotus Flow, Fit Hop LA and Flight.

Orange Theory Chapel Hill

Orange Theory is a toughie interval workout that, conveniently for those visiting family in and outside of smaller cities, seems to have a lot of studios in suburban areas. Workouts combine tread training, indoor rowing and weights, a trifecta for results they call the 'Orange Effect'.

EPIC Miami

An interval-hybrid focused studio that has a full range of classes that give you a week's worth of tough, well-rounded workouts. Max out with KB squats in The Grynd and Tone and Power on your push days, and recover with stretch-focused Versaflex yoga on recovery days.

Portland Rock Gym + Prasad East 

Portland Rock Gym is an old school workout that’s been in business since 1988. Climbing is a killer upper bod workout that’s most fun to do with a partner. What is new at this classic gym is a Prasad cafe located inside of the gym and serving post-workout fare like a cashew cream Glory Cafe and a variety of hearty bowls including Yogi and Urban.


What's your favorite hometown fitness studio? Tell us why you love it in the comments!